DEFCon Speaker Series: Gisely Colon Lopez, 10/26, 12-1pm Eastern
DEFCon Speaker Series: Gisely Colon Lopez, 10/26, 12-1pm Eastern

DEFCon Speaker Series: Gisely Colon Lopez, 10/26, 12-1pm Eastern

Please join us on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific for the DEFCon Speaker Series: “Digital Mapping as a Strategy for Course-Community Building,” with Gisely Colon Lopez. She has done remarkable work with students and digital archives and was a DEFCon Teaching Fellow for 2021-2022. DEFCon is honored that she will be sharing her expertise!


Digital Mapping as a Strategy for Course-Community Building

This interactive talk will demonstrate strategies and tools that can be used in educational settings to enhance the teaching and learning process. Appropriate for many disciplines, this talk will integrate and demonstrate the use of ZeeMaps as a method of community-building amongst students to create a visual product connected to course goals and objectives. Participants will have an opportunity to develop a collaborative map as a takeaway and model of instruction from the talk. Talk attendees will have access to a ZeeMap provided by the presenter and are not required to create an account with the program to participate.


With more than 10 years of experience working as an educator in public schools for both K-12 and higher education in the U.S. Northeast, Gisely Colon Lopez fuses her lived experience as a multilingual learner and mixed media artist to develop a praxis of engagement in these settings. An advocate and student of the field of ethnic studies, Gisely is interested in exploring the pedagogical and epistemological processes that contribute to the effectiveness of ethnic studies beyond statistical metrics such as graduation rates and test scores. A doctoral student at the CUNY Graduate Center, she engages decolonial theories, digital archives, digital mapping, and critical visual methodologies as the basis of her research.

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